When Choosing Your Life Partner Is Most Important Decision Of Your Life !

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Choosing your life partner — the person you want to spend the rest of your days with — is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your life.

Living most of your life with the person you love can be a joyous, mutually-fulfilling experience, but finding and choosing the right person can be a monumental task.

Luckily, it’s something that most people go through, so you’re not alone people who have never been married and never want to be married amount to only 5% of the total population.

By having a realistic idea of the kind of person that is right for you, making a strong effort to find this person, and committing to your relationship, you too can share the rest of your life with someone you love.

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When choosing your life partner, remember that this is the most important decision of your lifetime.

The marriage relationship offers 90% of all your support, happiness and fulfillment so choose it wisely.

Consider qualities such as affection, sense of humor, intelligence, integrity, maturity, temperament, compatibility and that indescribable characteristic of chemistry.

If these are present, your relationship stands an excellent chance of great success.

Move slowly and let no one press you into an uncomfortable decision.

Learn To Organize Your Time !


Learn To Organize Your Time !

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It is incorrect to say that by becoming a meticulous time manager and living
by a carefully define schedule you become rigid and non-spontaneous.

Rather, proper organization allows one to accomplish those goals which are truly
important as well as enjoy leisure time.

Good time management offers more time for fun and relaxing – not less.

These important periods are schedule into the week just like other commitments which may appear more pressing.

Neither are sacrificed.

Also, discipline yourself and stop wasting time on all those immediate and pressing but unimportant tasks (i.e., the ringing phone) and concentrate on the activities that are truly meaningful to your life’s mission.

Such activities include time for self-renewal and reflection, time forging
relationships built on trust and mutual respect, time for physical fitness,
time to read and think deeply and time serving others in your community.

Define Your Rule !


Familarity breeds contempt is a very good rule.

The stars remain far above the Earth.

You must keep a distance from all but your closest of relations.

Once people see everything of a leader he loses his aura and with
it the authority and mystique he may have created.

For example, Ronald Reagan was known to many as an excellent leader.

He carefully cultivated his image of a folksy, considerate politician who kept
the interest of the United States first and foremost, he commanded attention and respect in his dark suits, surrounded by the trappings of power such as political aides, security officers and a convoy of limousines.

As soon as he appeared, thoughts of authority and power came to our minds.

Did you ever see the President with his shirt off swimming at his pool?

How about in his dressing gown after waking up after one of his long sleeps,hair tousled and beard grown?

Reagan’s handless never allowed such glimpses because they detract from the perception of authority.

The America nation was not exposed to these slights.

In the Clinton Era things changed and you saw the President eating Big Macs and
wearing baseball caps with a full business suit.

Whilst these scenes may be endearing to the public, there is little doubt that
President Clinton was more familiar to us, merely another one of us and, unlike
the stars above, much closer to the ground.

Build Your Character !

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Create your image as a highly competent, strong, disciplined, calm and decent individual.

Find that crucial balance between working on the image that you project to the rest
of the world and your inner character.

Create a sense of mystery about yourself as the truly wise never show their hand.

Do not tell everyone everything about yourself, your strategies and your aspirations.

The successful citizens of this world think thrice before they speak because a world uttered can never be retrieve.

Make things look easy and people will say you are naturally gifted .

Speak only good things and people will flock to you.

Never speak ill of others and all will know you will not malign them behind their backs.


Build your character and live a highly principled life.

Define Your Great Character In Your Workplace !


Be kind, considerate and courteous.

But also be shrewd and know when to be tough and courageous.

This is the mark of a well-defined character and you will surely command respect.

It is most useful to read books on friendliness and enhancing relationships by being  a good listener, showing others sincere appreciation and refining other interpersonal skills.

But, to truly succeed, one must also recognize that worldly wisdom and shrewdness and essential skills to foster.

Become an expert in human psychology and be able to read the essence of people.

Never be taken advantage of and be aware of the politics around you.

Stay above petty gossiping and office politics but appreciate that they indeed exist and know what goes on behind your back.

Every great leader does.

Make A List Of All Your Weaknesses !


Make a list of all your Weaknesses !

A truly confident and enlightened person will note a weakness and seek to methodically improve.

Bear in mind that even the greatest and most powerful people have weaknesses.

Some are better than others in hiding them.

On the other hand, get to know your best qualities and cultivate them.

Overlook The Weaknesses Of Your Friends !

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Overlook The Weaknesses Of Your Friends !

If you look for flaws you will most surely find them.

Be mature enough to ignore the petty failings of others and see the good
that each one inherently possesses.

We can learn from everyone.

Everyone has a story to tell, a joke to share and a lesson to learn.

Open your mind to this and you will learn a tremendous amount.

a true friends knows your weakness but shows you your strengths

Friends are so very important to a happy existence – especially those who have
shared many experiences and laugh with you.

Work hard to make friendships, and all your relationships for that matter, stronger and richer.

Call your friends, buy them small gifts of books or other items you believe they might enjoy.

The “law of the farm” applies to relationships as well as to the rest of life – you reap what you sow and have great friends you must first be one.