Always Make balance in Life !

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Two fundamentals for a happy, joyfull life are balance and moderation.

One must maintain a balance of all activities and do nothing to extremes.

Remember that effective time management makes you more rather than less flexible.

It allows you to do the things that you really want to do rather than the things you
really have to do.

Do you take personal development books as gospel.

Read them and take whatever useful ideas you need.

Some people feel they must do everything suggested and take the
techniques to extremes.

Every book has at least one tool or strategy of benefit.

Take what you need and what works for you and discard

what doesn’t suit you.

Be In Present Moment !

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Soak in a warm bath at the end of a long, productive day.

Reward yourself for even the smallest of achievement.

Take time out for renewal of your mind, body and spirit.

Soon all your important goals will be met and you will move to the next level of peak performance.

Maintain a dairy to measure your progress and to express your thoughts.

Writing out not only your successes but your troubles is one of the world’s
most effective methods of erasing the worry habit, staying in optimum state
and developing precision of thought.