Keep Your Body Relax !

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To be at your performance peak mentally, Your body must be loose physically and relaxed.

It is now beyond dispute that there is a mind-body connection and when the body is supple, free from tension, the mind is clear, calm and focused as well.

This is why yoga is such a beneficial activity.

It keeps the body relaxed so that the mind can follow.

Peak performers are physically relaxed and mentally engage.

Basic stretching for 15 minutes a day is also an excellent way to release tension
that builds up as a result of our life in this highly complex and fast moving, but wonderful world.

Try having a massage or power lounging in a Jacuzzi.

Relax the body and you relax the mind.

Fit Body Resides A Fit Mind !

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Develop the wonderful habit of a daily swim.

It will promote excellent health, keep you relaxed and concentrated, lean and trim.

Swimming is not stressful on the body, provides a great workout for the lungs
and requires little time to do effectively.

Remember that in a fit body resides a fit mind.


83% of our sensory input comes from our eyes.

To truly concentrate on something, shut your eyes and you will remove much distraction.

Be the master of your will but the servent of your conscience.

Invest In Yourself !

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Schedule relaxing time into your week and be ruthless in protecting it.

You would not schedule another activity into the time planned for an important
meeting with the president of your company or your best client so why would
you put off a period to invest in yourself?


We must have time for ourselves to reflect, unwind and recharge our batteries.

These are the renewal activities that allow us to maintain peak performance and
are exceptionally valuable periods.

Make A List Of All Your Weaknesses !


Make a list of all your Weaknesses !

A truly confident and enlightened person will note a weakness and seek to methodically improve.

Bear in mind that even the greatest and most powerful people have weaknesses.

Some are better than others in hiding them.

On the other hand, get to know your best qualities and cultivate them.