Stress Is Not A Bad Thing !

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Contrary to popular opinion, stress is not a bad thing.

It allows us to perform at peak levels and can assist us through the flood of chemicals it releases within our bodies.

What is harmful is too much stress, or more particularly, a lack of relief from stress.

The times of stress must be balanced nicely with times of pure relaxion and leisure for us to be healthy and at our best.


Many of the great leaders of our time were exposed to crushing workloads and the burdens of high office.

But they prospered by developing strategies to balance the challenging times with fun and calming times.

President Kennedy would have regular naps in his White House office.

Winston Churchill had the same practice and slept for one hour every afternoon to stay alert, focused and calm.

Not only is it essential to be physically relaxed to maintain optimal health but one must couple this trait with mental serenity.

Too often people think that vigorous exercise, good nutrition and pleasant leisure activities will be the panacea for all ills.

These pursuits must be combined with positive thinking and peace of mind for true happiness and longevity.


10 thoughts on “Stress Is Not A Bad Thing !

  1. Oh wow I love this. I found this one out the hard way. I’m in a leadership position and after 3 years of unbelievable stress I did need a long long break. Literally, now I listen to my body when it needs rest I stop what I’m doing and go for a walk to leave the office to go to the park near my office. Great posts. I want to reblog these but I’m using my phone in my car. I will when I get back to my office! Excellent motivators mind breaks are here. I love this. 💛🌼

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    1. I’m glad to hear this comment from you I really appreciate you 🙌 for stopping by n read my post, thank you so much dear 😉 your truly beautiful lady 💐

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