How To Motivate Yourself !

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Get out of the rut and fuel the fire in your belly with this guide.

Do you find yourself learning on others to get your work done?

Do you hit gym of your own accord or do you need a trainer or a friend to drag you there?

Most people find that they’re intrinsically motivated to do some things – to complete a project
(driven by their love for their work or a sense of purpose) or to care for a sick child
(driven by affection), for instance – but need external incentives, like, for instance, the promise
of a reward or a promotion, when it comes to others.

What drives you, and how motivate you feel to do anything, may also vary during different phases of  your life.

For instance, you may recall a time when you felt very passionately about work, but over the years, this feeling may have faded.

Anxiety, anger issues, personal problems, boredom, depression, addiction (to substances, or even social media) may lie at the root of your warning ambition.

So, what can you do to keep ennui at bay and stay motivated day after day?

There are 9 points to motivate yourself not fully but surely.

I will update day by day each points so stay updated.
To be continue ………

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