Stop Killing TIME

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Become a highly Disciplined Time Manager.

There are roughly 168 hours in a week.

This surely allows plenty of time for achievement of the many goals we desire to accomplish.

Be ruthless with your time.

Set aside a few minutes each morning to plan your day.

Plan around your priorities and focus on not only those tasks which are immediate but not
important (i.e., many telephone calls) but especially on those which are important but not
urgent, for these allow for the greatest personal and professional development.

Important but not immediate activities are those which produce long-term, sustainable benefits and include exercise, strategic planning, the development of relationships and professional education.

Never let the things which matter most be placed in the backseat as compared to those that matter least.

4 thoughts on “Stop Killing TIME

  1. I like to use my time the same way I use calories…wisely! My beloved Mother admonished us to stop killing time, and insisted we not even use the expression. Time is precious, as we don’t know exactly how much more of it we have.


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